Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil Reviews

Review of Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil
by Yasmine Choudhry

Application: This product is an oil which I found very light on the skin I find some oils too rich and sticky but this was not like that. I have combination skin oily T-zone but with using this product my skin did not become an oil slick, it was regulated with using this, no afternoon touch up needed as my skin was left matte. This absorbed quite fast into my skin and could apply any makeup on top if I wanted to. My skin had a healthy glow to it and looked more dewy and did not need to wear makeup as my skin looked so good.
I do have somewhat sensitive skin however this did not cause any irritation to my skin which was great. This oil left my skin silky soft my dry skin was no longer visible.

Results: After using the Suti Rejuvenate Organic Face Oil my skin looks more balanced as it has controlled oily areas T-zone, dry skin is no longer an issue. I do not get any breakouts.
I think the price of this is great as it is an amount I pay for my skincare and I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this oil when it runs out, you only need a few drops of this so very economical.

It is lightweight so no oil slick
This provides moisture to my combination dry/oily/normal skin
It has calmed my imbalanced skin and no longer have hormonal breakouts since using this
I have sensitive skin but this has not caused any breakouts
If I do not apply this for a few days my skin becomes dryer and looks less radiant
Had a few spots marks scars but they have removed since using this

Cons: · The smell is a bit strong and it takes a while to disappear

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinks Boutique Facial Hero

We were so excited to hear that the Pinks Boutique facial hero, Pinks Boutique Anti Aging Serum (£36) has won a place in the prestigious Anti Ageing Beauty Bible. In the latest and revised edition of this highly regarded book, only 4 serums were selected, which is testament to just how well this product performs not only in the natural and organic arena but overall, alongside major mainstream brands.

This bestselling serum is packed full of natural plant extracts and antioxidant rich oils and EFAs omega 3, 6 and 9. Scientifically proven to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage, the luxurious ingredients work in harmony to rejuvenate and restore skin cells, leaving skin soft and glowing. The testers of this product clearly agreed, and recognised the fabulous results they were getting from this organic serum.

Suitable for use morning and night, apply the Pinks Boutique serum evenly across the face and neck and leave to absorb. A little goes a long way so 3-4 drops will nourish the face and 3 drops for the neck area. Also a great tip is to apply to the back of the neck and back of the hands for a little extra treatment.

A product that delivers the best results while also being organic is important to many people that are serious about their skincare and their health, too. Well done Pinks Boutique! 

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Trevarno Organic Eye Cream Reviews

Review of Trevarno Organic Eye Cream
Louise M.

Packaging: Trevarno Organic Eye Cream comes in a lilac frosted glass with an aluminium screw cap. It is a compact little size and feels sturdy and chic. I wouldn’t have any qualms about displaying it on the dressing table or any concerns about packing it in a wash kit for travel. The only downside for this format of packaging is that unlike a pump dispenser you have to keep dipping your fingers in and out of the same jar. It is nothing that isn’t easily overcome by using a cotton bud to scrape some of the cream from the jar, or even just making sure you have clean fingers!

Application: The texture of the Trevarno organic eye cream is at once creamy and light. It is thicker than other eye creams I have tried, but it sinks in quickly and doesn’t feel tacky or heavy around the delicate eye area. It feels really moisturising, and has a delicious like rose scent which also makes it feel very luxurious.

Ingredients: The Trevarno organic eye cream contains a number of ingredients whose moisturising and refreshing properties are well established. The lovely floral smell is probably due to the rose water, but the real wonder ingredients are the blends of oils: evening primrose, olive, almond together with beeswax and cocoa butter. In addition to all of that good stuff, the ingredients in Trevarno organic eye cream are all organic and many of them grown on the Trevarno Estate in Cornwall where the cream is made. Local, organic and effective ingredients - what more could you ask for!

Results: I am not yet in my 30s and the delicate eye area is not one to which I pay much attention. This Trevarno eye cream could persuade me otherwise though. It smells and feels so lovely that I can’t help but feel that it must be doing me good and I found myself looking forward to patting it on each evening. It would be a great addition to a preventative skincare regime for younger women, and for those who eye area needs a little extra attention then this cream would be a wonderful place to start.

• It looks, smells and feel like a very expensive product
• The UK production and organic ingredients make it a really ethical choice
• It manages to combine light and refreshing properties with deep moisturisation – a difficult trick which it pulls off beautifully


• The glass jar could benefit from a little spatula, or even a pump dispenser instead

Trevarno Organic Eye Cream (£8.75) and other Trevarno products are available at naturisimo.com

Friday, August 12, 2011

Luzern Laboratories O2 Facial Mask Reviews

Luzern Laboratories O2 Facial Mask Review

by Beverley S.

Ingredients: Luzern O2 Facial Mask is dense with coQ10 and oxygen with the serum using a stable form of vitamin C. There are too many ingredients to list but the list is available online at Naturisimo after reading the list for the mask and serum I realised just how packed it is with high quality ingredients!

Packaging: Full boxed set comprises of x3 21ml tubes of cream mask plus 3ml V12 serum

Application/Comments: I didn't receive the LuzernV12 serum with the Luzern O2 mask which I feel is an important part as the cream is very dense therefore wasn't easy to apply. I had drops of another serum which I used in the same way as the V12 which made the cream easier to apply. I was surprised at how thick the mask was without the serum but still tried it on its own to help me review with both methods. It was a little uncomfortable as it dried quickly. The mask was a bit tingly to start but not overly uncomfortable. It was extremely rich and when removed my face looked bright, felt supple and fresh. The tone of my skin looked even and this was without the full concentrate of the serum (15% vitamin C) I feel the effect was noticeable and would gradually improve if following Luzern Lab's advice to use twice a week. (£70) to add to the with the

I found it easier to apply with the addition of a serum although I could have used more drops if I had the Serum V12 I didn't want to use too much of a serum which wasn't from part of Luzern Laboratories to hinder any efficiency.

Results: With one tube to test I feel I still had results which would be improved on with the addition of V12 serum. I have never used as dense a mask yet after removing with two facial sponges my skin wasn't oily or left feeling heavy. It was a different mask from any I have tried in the past. I would try Luzern labs mask again especially with the correct serum. I tested the mask when my health and energy levels were low and still feel I had results.

Pros:, My skin felt an improvement

I could become addicted to this mask as my skin felt treated!

Individual tubes excellent to keep product fresh until needed

As described 'Deeply' nourishing - I kept looking in the mirror as my skin tone was so even.

Cons: Very dense cream which I found very difficult to squeeze out of the tube, it required a lot of effort!

A little uncomfortable possibly because my skin is fine although I knew it was working and didn't have any redness after I removed it.

Instructions not on tube therefore I was unsure about how much I should be using.

The Luzern 02 Facial Mask (£54) and Luzern Laboratories are available from Naturisimo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living Nature Rescue Gel Reviews

Review of Living Nature Rescue Gel
Caroline S

Packaging: Living Nature Manuka Honey Rescue Gel is packaged in the simple yet stylish Living Nature colours of cream and black, this product comes in a flip-lid bottle which is sturdy yet soft enough to squeeze when dispensing gel. The flip-lid design allows for the hygienic dispensing of product and seals out excess moisture from steam in bathrooms.

Application: Although described as a gel, this Rescue Gel is a slightly runnier and more liquid formulation than you might expect. As a result of this, when I initially tried the gel, I ended up accidentally squeezing a huge blob of it all over my hand. It appeared to be of an almost liquid face wash consistency and it spread very easily across my skin. Whilst initially I thought “how am I going to get this to stay in place on my face?” I was then shocked at how quickly it dried into a gel and finally a clear, transparent sheet over my skin.
One of the first things that you notice about this product is the smell. If you are familiar with other Living Nature then it will be familiar to you, however for first time users of the brand, it may initially come as a shock. The scent is very, very strong. It doesn’t have a sweet-honey smell as you may expect but rather an earthy herbal scent. Personally I find it a refreshing, natural and healthy smell but I accept that it might not be for everybody. It does linger for a long time – but I always take that to mean that my skin is getting a long and continuous dose of goodness!
I tested out the gel on a patch of mild sunburn on my nose and a couple of hormonal pimples on my chin. The spots were large, red and angry and the gel was extremely easy to apply without irritating the skin even more. I dabbed a blob of gel onto each spot with the tip of a clean, dry finger (although you could use a cotton bud) and because of the fairly liquid consistency, it flowed over the contours of the spot and settled where it should without any need to rub or poke. The gel sets very quickly, leaving your skin matte and smooth with no trace of the product apart from the scent. Applying it over my nose, I was relieved to see that it didn’t sink into my open pores and make them more visible. It gave an instant cooling and soothing effect on my sunburn whilst also providing a moisturizing and protective layer over the skin. Once on, you can’t feel it at all. There is no heaviness or stickiness – the only feeling that remains is a gentle cooling sensation, which is absolutely lovely on sore or irritated areas.
It also has great staying power. I am a restless sleeper and my face rubs against my pillow and my hair in the night – yet I found that the Rescue Gel was still in place on my skin when I woke up in the morning, having applied it at bedtime the previous night.

Ingredients: The hero ingredient, Manuka honey, has strong anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is up to 33 times stronger than Tea Tree essential oil in killing certain strains of bacteria and also protects the skin at the same time. It helps to clear away dead skin cells whilst healing and locking moisture in to new skin. New Zealand Flax Gel reduces redness and inflammation, soothes and hydrates, in addition to its own antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract are also known for their anti-bacterial properties, whilst vitamin E is necessary for the skin to heal and renew.
water, manuka honey, manuka oil, sclerotium gum, grapefruit seed extract, New Zealand flax gel, vitamin E, xanthan gum, tea tree oil

Results: Although I have used other Living Nature products over the years, this is the first time I have ever tried manuka honey as a spot treatment. I usually stick to a treatment of witch hazel and tea tree oil but have found recently that it is too drying on my skin, so finding Living Nature Rescue Gel was a revelation. It is incredibly soothing – on my spots and sunburn it took away the tightness and itchiness that I normally experience around inflamed areas of skin. It also calmed the redness in my spots far more quickly that I expected. The core of the spot itself probably stayed for around the same length of time as it usually would BUT the difference is that it didn’t look as if it was there. So, in terms of visibility on the face, I certainly appeared to get rid of my spots much faster.
I will certainly use it in the future on any sore, chafed areas of skin or on heat rashes as well as sunburn and spots.

Instant cooling sensation
Very soothing on irritated skin
Reduces inflammation
Invisible and matte on skin
Applies beautifully without the need to rub
Dries almost instantly
Economical as you only need to use a little

If you can’t get used to the distinctive smell of Living Nature products, you will find them incredibly difficult to use as the scent is strong and it lasts for a long time

Living Nature Rescue Gel (£10) and Living Nature Products are available at naturisimo.com

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Natural Being Night Cream Reviews

Natural Being Manuka Honey Night Cream

By Zainab C

Packaging: Natural Being Manuka Honey Night Cream comes in a tube which is practical as it reduces product wastage. It doesn’t specify if the packaging is made from recycled materials but it is recyclable. The design is minimal and neutral stating the brand, how to use and store the product. The ingredients aren’t listed on the actual tube.

Application: The cream goes on well but needs rubbing in as it isn’t absorbed into the skin very quickly. The cream also has a very strange smell to begin with but this disappears once it’s on the skin. My skin felt well nourished, smooth and moisturised straight after applying the cream. I found that the product seemed to get used up quickly even though I only used a small amount each night.

Ingredients: There are many luxurious ingredients in this cream including shea butter, manuka honey and carrot oil. Natural Being uses Manuka Honey throughout the brand. The product is BDIH certified, so has mostly natural ingredients.

Results: My skin was left feeling clearer, nourished and less red when I woke up in the morning. It also looked calmer and less blotchy


Skin is left clearer and nourished and calmer

There are great natural ingredients

The packaging is practical and recyclable


The product has a strange smell

The cream has to be worked into the skin which takes a while

The product was used up quickly even though a small amount was used each day – you would probably have to re-purchase after 2-3 months of use

Natural Being Manuka Honey Night Cream (£8.50) and Natural Being Products are available at naturisimo.com

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion Reviews

Review of Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion
By Sue B.

Packaging: Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion is available in a 30ml opaque glass pump action bottle. The black text is clear and in a readable font. There is a lot of information on the bottle including Barefoot Botanicals postal address, web address and phone number. A best before date is found on the bottom of the bottle.

Application: This Face Lotion is light, quickly absorbed and smells fresh leaving no greasy residue. I assume there are application directions on or in the box, as there are none on the bottle itself other than stating that it is a day cream. It is suitable for all skin types, young and mature.
Ingredients: The literature states that Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion is made from 100% ethically-sourced ingredients with no chemical nasties are all Barefoot Botanical Products is suitable for vegans and is cruelty free. The Rosa Fina range uses several herbal extracts including rosa mosqueta oil, which is reputed to dramatically reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and scar tissue - leaving your skin plumped, smoothed and younger looking.

Results: I have experienced a slight tingling when I applied this Face lotion to my forehead, but it disappeared within a minute and caused no other problems. I am fortunate to have only fine lines and I am frequently complimented on how young I look, so this lotion certainly gets the thumbs up from me as I hope to continue getting those morale boosting compliments. There is no greasy residue from Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion, so it is great for during the warmer weather and for applying under make up. At £23.95p I feel Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion is good value for money.
Just a couple of pumps of Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face lotion are required for your daily moisturising.
I’ll be interested to see if the pump tube goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle as many don’t and you’re left with some product that you can’t get out – such a waste.

Good value for money.
No greasy residue.
Dispensing is very easy with the pump.
Suitable for all skin types and ages.
All ingredients are natural.
Not organic – which is always my first choice.
Did cause some initial tingling.

Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion (£22.95) and Barefoot Botanicals is available at naturismo.com