Friday, September 4, 2009

Logona Age Protection Day Cream

Review of Logona Age Protection Day Cream
By Joanna E.

I have been using the Logona Age Protection Day Cream for just over a week now and am really quite impressed with this product. The skin on my face is a mixture of dry and oily with a few fine lines around my eyes. I used the Logona cream around my eyes as well as on my face and neck, which is how I would use my normal cream and after only a couple of days it seemed as though the fine lines had improved. As the cream has a very light, smooth texture, it is smooth enough to be used on the more delicate skin around the eyes, unlike some heavier, thicker creams on the market. It has a delicate aroma, which is very pleasant and in no way overpowering, or indeed irritating to my eyes, which has happened in the past with other day creams. Very light to use, it quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving it very soft and moisturised all day. The cream has a slight hint of a tint to it, making it easier to blend into the skin, unlike some bright white creams. As I only needed to use a very small amount of cream each day, the product will last for ages, making it very good value for money. The small 7.5 ml tube would last for several weeks, making it ideal for travelling. Having a ‘best if used before’ date on the packaging is an excellent idea, as that makes it so easy to keep track of how long you have had a product. I am very happy with the Logona Age Protection Day Cream and look forward to getting rid of even more fine lines!

The Logona Age Protection Day Cream (£24.00 30ml) Logona products are available from

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